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              I believe that HL3 is a spectrum disorder, or at least falls on the spectrum like many things like OCD.  People don't realize that the spectrum is very long and most of us in some way, shape or form do fall onto it.  But many people don't know this and so simply hearing autism is scary.  Being able to find answers to HL3 is life changing for many of us because being able to understand your child when for so long you couldn't, is a beautiful thing.  And an important thing to remember is we aren't putting down the autism diagnosis.  We simply want the correct one for our children.  If someone is diagnosed with, God forbid cancer, no two cancers are treated in the same way because even though the basis is the same, they need to be treated differently.  If someone has anxiety, it shouldn't be treated the same way as someone with predominantly OCD.  The same goes for any other diagnosis.


             So my goal with making this site was to spread the word so that families can get the correct therapy for their child if they believe their child to be HL3.  It's not the same as getting a medical professional to tell us, but fifty years or so ago, the medical community didn't believe in autism either.  As parents, it's our responsibility and right to help our kids in the best way we can and thanks to Dr. Treffert, we are now able to do just that.  HL3 kids follow a very similar and unique path. If you believe your child sounds like Frankie, then you will probably find this website very helpful.  Please feel free to reach out to me on our FB page or group.  


Hi everyone!


             My name is Bernice and my first born son Frankie is Hyperlexic 3. My journey with him (he is now almost 12) brought me to creating this website in 2015 to help other parents and families better understand HL3 through our journey with it.  I am a high school English and library science teacher in Staten Island, NY and I always said God gave me Frankie so we could help other families since I have extensive background in the educational community and Frankie, well, Frankie is unique with being HL3.  Since many people, doctors, therapists, neurologists and pediatricians have never heard of HL3, many parents are left only hearing autism, which is a different journey unto itself. 



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