Frankie’s Timeline with HL3

2 years 1 month, no words at all

2 years 9 months he began labeling through reading

3 years 2 months-reading, labeling and echolalia

3 years 9 months started putting two words together.

4 years o months continued with two words, lots of pronoun reversal

4 years 3 months 3 to 4 word sentences and began using what questions

4 years six months, much longer sentences, pronoun reversal had become much less

5 years 0 months was only talking a few months behind peers

Continued asking more W questions, but why and how were problems for him and you could tell it seemed new to him and he was wary about it

5 years 5 months, he is academically advanced but but placed part of the day in self contained and the other in ICts.  I fought for him to be placed full day in iCTs and he did very well there the rest of the year.

2 years 1 month, no words at all

This video shows his love of letters even though there were no real words.

2 years 9 months he began labeling through reading.

This was his favorite book. It was a children’s encyclopedia and it does have pictures, but then we noticed he was reading all of the words.  You can hear my mom say “are you teaching yourself to read” and this was before we knew about HL3.  We just assumed kids could do this, as crazy as that sounds.

3 years 9 months started putting two words together.

These next three videos show how Frankie, although still not completely comfortable with oral language, was putting two and sometimes longer sentences together.  In the first video he is just being silly about saying the Pledge of Allegiance. He really doesn’t sound like that 🙂   In the other two, you can hear him say a two word and a longer sentence and you can also hear what we call his “humming.”  When he is happy, till this day, he tends to make this noise.  We try to make him aware of it only because we know other kids may bother him about it and it seems more of a habit now than anything else.

Frankie 4 years 2 months

When Frankie turned four, every month he got more and more comfortable with words.  He was able to make longer and more complicated sentences. This then increased his conversational skills and did help with asking more complicated questions.  I would say this year was his language explosion and that it really took off at about 4 and a half.

Frankie 4 years 7 months

Frankie is four years seven months here. You can hear that he has trouble with the inflection in his tones. He learned a lot from listening to shows and stuff so he had to be told to talk in a normal voice which he understood.  This did get less and less.  By five that July, he sounded like a five year old.  This year between him turning four and then five was where he made his biggest leaps with speech and had what they call his language explosion.

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