Frankie’s new interest is money lol  We started him on an app to help him count and understand the concept of counting money, but because he is visual, he likes to know who is on the money as well. This is my husband quizzing him about the coins.

Here is Frankie today! You can see how much he talks now and still loves to learn.  He still recites shows sometimes or parts of them, but he still uses them for conversational purposes.  By watching the shows, he is able to use them appropriately in everyday conversation.  Slow process getting here, but it does come.

This isn’t the best video, but it is useful in understanding where Frankie stood at about 2 years, five months.  He was reciting the ABC’s and he was beginning to read, although it’s difficult to see it in this video.

Frankie is about 12 months old here.  He hated this swing as an infant, but LOVED it when he could barely fit in it! He was so funny!

Frankie is right around three here.  He somehow started to sing this song even though he had only heard it a few times.  He didn’t do this with any other songs.  He is named after my father Frankie who passed away in 1999 and he loved Sinatra.  We would say that it was his spirit coming through my Frankie.

Frankie is 13 months here and loving music class. He was outgoing and friendly and had no issues at all at this point.  He never fit any of the characteristics that put kids on the spectrum.

Frankie was always a happy, fun loving baby. He showed no signs of any issues until about 20 months when he still wasn’t talking. He hit all of his milestones prior to that, including his babbling. He did not at any point fit under the criteria brought out in the MCAT. HL3 childen tend not to show any autistic like charactristics until a little older like Frankie..

Frankie was a few months into two here. He was great at drawing. He would watch Blues Clues and be able to copy the picture. He had a determination about it. If he didn’t think it came out right, he would keep trying. He loved these magnetic boards for that purpose and was able to understand and then draw all kinds of shapes and pictures..

This is Frankie at about 6 months old. Since he was my first, I didn’t know that this fascination with visual platforms was a bit strange for a baby. Now with my second, who I can’t keep interested in anything, I see the difference even more.

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