Phyllis Kupperman

Phyllis Kupperman, M.A., CCC-SLP, is the expert on diagnosing and treating hyperlexia.  Her extensive knowledge on the subject has helped many families, including our own. Kupperman is the founder of the Center for Speech & Language Disorders, otherwise known as CSLD.  She has written extensively on hyperlexia and as it says on CSLD’s website “She continues to be an outspoken advocate for the development of effective treatments for children with a variety of speech and language disorders, and partners with children and their parents to increase awareness and appropriate intervention.”

Many people who have HL children have gone to see her and although she can give the diagnosis of HL, it still is not recognized as an individual diagnosis.  Because of this, parents have to be their child’s greatest advocate.  We need to read and educate ourselves on techniques that Kupperman writes about and make sure the right treatment is being given.  At this time, most knowledgeable SLP’s can give a diagnosis of HL, however, it’s scary about how many people have either never heard of HL or they simply look at it as a splinter skill.   We have not met Kupperman in person, however, we have corresponded via email and she was very helpful.  We have also read her book Reading Too Soon and read many of her articles so we can help Frankie’s school address his needs.  We are astonished every time we read about HL and especially HL III because the timeline of the children are very much like Frankie’s journey throughout the last four years.  Below, we will post some of her articles that we have used.

Articles and Information


This article I have used when dealing with Frankie’s school and also for understanding what works best for him.  There is information on HL in general and also what to do when placing HL kids in classes.  Although Kupperman does not differentiate between the three types, this information does help a great deal.

CSLD Center for Speech and Language Disorders

This is where Phyllis Kupperman works and can be contacted.