About Us

Spreading the Word

Our mission in creating this website was to help spread the word about Hyperlexia III.  

There is much debate about this diagnosis or lack thereof. Insurance companies, school districts and government find it easier to place everyone on the spectrum.  Whether this puts our children on the spectrum is irrelevant.  What is important is getting Hyperlexic 3 children the proper help.  

As of now, Hyperlexia is not acknowledged as a diagnosis by the medical community, therefore, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist.  Many simply view Hyperlexia as a splinter skill of autism.  This is true for some children, however, as Darold Treffert has researched and explained over the years, children that “outgrow” the autistic characteristics need to use their reading and writing skills to help them learn language and should be characterized as Hyperlexia 3.  

We know this exists from the hundreds of parents we have corresponded with through social media and from watching Frankie follow certain patterns that researchers like Phyllis Kupperman and Darold Treffert speak about.  We hope and pray that this site will not only spread the word, but most importantly help parents and families of those with Hyperlexic 3 children to get the help they need.  You are your child’s best advocate.